Imbabura ~ Indian Summer

 Our Imbabura blanket is woven with love from traditional designs by a family of artisans in Otavalo, Ecuador. Alpaca fleece is considered one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world. It is warmer, softer, and lighter than sheep's wool, naturally water repellent, and hypoallergenic. It’s fibers are filled with microscopic air pockets, which make it surprisingly lightweight and breathable. We met directly with the local weaver family in Ecuador to pick the pattern and colors, and brought a limited supply back to California. We love these blankets and know you will too. They won't last long at this great price, so get one while they last! 

 Imbabura is a volcano located in Ecuador that is sacred to the local native communities. It is considered the fatherly protector of the area, and many legends tell the love story between Imbabura and it’s nearby counterpart, “mama” Cotacachi volcano. 

80% Alpaca fleece 20% Synthetic blend

Dimensions:  approx.*  84" x 76"  

*As with all handmade woven items, slight variations in size and minor imperfections are normal, and part of what makes them unique and different from a mass produced factory product.

Care Instructions: The best way to freshen up your blanket is to hang it up somewhere with ventilation. They are durable enough to wash on the gentle cycle (with minimal delicate soap) and tumble dry on low, but as with all water repellant natural fiber blankets, spot cleaning or dry cleaning is recommended. 

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